Welcome beautiful soul!

It’s very likely you’re in tune with who you are, and what you want from this incredible life, however there may be a gap between the version of who you are in the present moment, and the best and highest version of yourself. It’s time to get clear on what your values are and who you want to be in this life!

There is nothing standing in the way of being your most vibrant, peaceful, abundant, creative, healthy, and beautiful self, in all areas of your life! Having a human experience is not always a walk in the park – it’s full of trials, ups and downs, emotions, experiences and conditioning. Through awareness of your thoughts, actions and energy you get the choice to stay stuck in the same cycle, or you can create conscious change, release what no longer serves you and align with the highest version of yourself.

Throughout this workbook, you’ll see ‘higher self’ used frequently. Please know ‘higher’ is relative to your energy and frequency and is not meant to portray the current version of yourself as ‘lower’ in a negative way. When you live in your truth, align with your values, are following your heart and are head over heels in love with life, you’ll naturally vibrate at a higher frequency. This is the frequency you’ll want to continually choose to tune into!

Your higher self IS you – in the best, most truest, most loving, most divine form. She exists within you, at all times. She radiates pure unconditional love, as she is pure Source energy. When working with her and becoming her, you’re not changing who you are, you’re remembering who you are.